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Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal Treatments

Tattoo Removal & Scar Remodeling in The Woodlands, TX

Say goodbye to your past and hello to your future with tattoo removal and scar remodeling in The Woodlands. We all know what it’s like to look down at a scar or tattoo and be reminded of the event or memory that caused it. Whether the emotion invoked is happy or sad, sometimes the best option is to move forward. Thankfully, that’s possible with tattoo removal and scar remodeling at Naked SKN™.

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Permanent Makeup and Body Tattoo Removal

As we mature and grow, tattoos, though meaningful at the time, can become a painful reminder of the past. The great news is that now there is an answer for a safe solution to Permanent Makeup and Tattoo problems! With our non-invasive tattoo removal technique, we’re able to break up the ink in the middle layer of your skin. Over time, the pigments are naturally processed out of your body, giving your skin a clean slate. 

Designed with a holistic approach to synergistically work with the immune cells, not against them, our non-invasive tattoo removal can help you achieve the fresh skin look you’ve been looking for. Naked SKN™ utilizes a technique that works by lifting the pigment out of the skin via magnetic needles. This is a non-invasive technique in which the combination of the magnetic needles and tattoo removal solution gently draws the pigment out of the skin. Each of our cosmetic non-invasive tattoo appointments are performed in a private setting in which only you and the artist are present. For the privacy and comfort of our staff and patients, we do not allow other guests, cell phones, or children in the medspa area.

Magnetic Tattoo Removal and Scar Remodeling Benefits

  • This Technique is 100% Safe & Non-Invasive
  • Effective on All Ethnic Skin Types
  • Effective on All Types & Colors of Ink
  • Effective in All Seasons
  • Effective on All Types of Permanent Makeup, Microblading, and Body Tattoos
  • Effective with Emergency Tattoo Removal
  • Effective on All Age Tattoos
  • Tattoo Removal Solution Does Not Contain Any Carcinogenic Ingredients
  • Shorter Intervals Between Sessions(Only 3-4 weeks Compared to 8-12 weeks)
  • No Scarring
  • Healing Process is Much Faster Than Any Other Techniques

What is Magnetic Tattoo Removal?

The process involves magnetic needles, a special tattoo removal solution, and a professional technique. Using magnetic needles and tattoo removal solution, the needle tool is moved gently back and forth over the affected skin area. This method creates heat to the treated area, causing a chemical reaction which allows for the opposite charge to occur which breaks down the stability of the existing pigment. The pigment is attracted to the magnetic needles and rises to the surface a little at a time. With each pass over the skin, some of the migrating pigment is wiped away from the surface. The fading continues during the healing process. After 3-4 weeks, the results are evaluated, and another session can be done if needed. This technique does not discriminate with pigment colors; therefore, any colors can be removed. This is unlike laser removal, which can’t remove all pigments, and can turn colors black, and cause scarring.

The number of sessions needed depends on:

  • The number of tattoo sessions previously performed.
  • Tattoo size
  • Nature, thickness & type of skin
  • Ink quality & ink quantity
  • Ink depth in skin
  • Skin phenotype
  • Age of tattoo
Naked SKN® Aesthetics iStock-514411126-scaled Tattoo Removal & Scar Remodeling
Naked SKN® Aesthetics scar2 Tattoo Removal & Scar Remodeling

Scar Remodeling Treatments

The Naked SKN™ scar remodeling procedure is the safest and most effective system on the market—producing the lowest scar potential of any other system. From year-old scars to discolored and raised scars, this innovative technology can flatten and smooth the scar, making it less visible. Our activation serum works on visible and hypertrophic scars by stimulating the natural barrier function of healthy skin, hydrating scar tissue to soften the scar, and flattening it closer to your skin’s natural color and texture.

Tattoo Removal & Scar Remodeling FAQs

Tattoo removal is a process that relies on the ability to eliminate ink from the skin, so the time frame depends on your body’s healing process. Typically, it takes several sessions to completely remove the tattoo, taking at least a year or more. To allow the skin to heal in between sessions, we recommend a minimum of three-week waiting periods.

Non-invasive tattoo removal will not leave a scar, unless any scarring was previously there. 

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Give Your Skin a Clean Slate at Naked SKN™

Your skin shouldn’t be a constant reminder of past mistakes or painful memories. Instead, give your body a new lease on life with tattoo removal and scar remodeling from Naked SKN™. With our honest and transparent business model, we’ll evaluate the area and determine the proper course of action to provide you with the skin you’ve always wanted. To diminish scarring and remove unwanted permanent ink from your body, contact Naked SKN™ today to set up a consultation.

*You must be 18 years or older to receive a tattoo removal or scar remodeling treatment*

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