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Naked SKN® Aesthetics sig-facial Signature Facials
Experience ultimate skin bliss

Rejuvenating Signature Facials in Shenandoah and The Woodlands, TX

When it comes to your skincare routine, you should always make room for professional-grade products and services. Your at-home products simply can’t treat those hard-to-reach areas properly. Luckily, at Naked SKN®, we provide a variety of signature facials designed to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate your skin. Sit back, relax, and say goodbye to clogged pores and hello to a smooth, bright, and youthful complexion.

Naked SKN® Aesthetics s-facial-e1675176779114 Signature Facials

Facial Days Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Your skin is always on display and often has the power to dictate how good you feel about yourself. Investing in proper skincare has a value that’s arguably more important than the shiny new car in the driveway or the television in your living room. Facials at Naked SKN® are affordable and customizable to your skin type—allowing you to have a luxurious treatment just for you.

The Naked SKN® signature facials contain restorative properties that reduce signs of aging, diminish toxins and oils, and cleanse your pores. By treating your skin with a proper facial, your skin cells will begin to replicate healthier cells, giving you a smoother, glowing facial appearance.

The Benefits of Facials

  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Cleanse your pores
  • Prevent signs of aging
  • Detoxify your skin
  • Eliminate blackheads
  • Exfoliate and tighten your skin
  • Enhance skin texture & tone
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Cleanse your pores
  • Prevent signs of aging
  • Detoxify your skin
  • Eliminate blackheads
  • Exfoliate and tighten your skin
  • Enhance skin texture & tone

Our Signature Facial Brands

Science discovering nature’s secrets. Lira Clinical® utilizes the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior skin care. Their products are produced with exclusive formulas using topical probiotics, multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, whole botanicals, and various skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals. Lira’s FDA-compliant labs create the latest ingredient science, offering skincare correction, maintenance, and prevention. Lira Clinical® was created by four passionate skincare professionals and educators who wanted to take on today’s skincare to a brighter, more beautiful level. A powerhouse of women with a specialized background in the aesthetics industry, they created a line with three outcomes in mind: Brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. They accomplished this by incorporating formulations that balance science and nature perfectly.

Our clean, non-toxic skincare is founded on medically developed, clinically validated, and consumer-proven results that are patented, tested, and trusted. Our innovative products are formulated to help create fundamental, visible changes in the skin. We treat the most challenging skin conditions that other brands can’t, including sebaceous hyperplasia, cystic acne, eczema, psoriasis, melasma, skin tags, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne scarring, age spots, and more. Osmosis Beauty has a remarkable collection of patented and exclusive ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. This is what separates our results from other brands. These patented and exclusive ingredient systems include our liposomal delivery system, zinc finger technology, and growth factors.

See our Osmosis® Facials
Naked SKN® Aesthetics s-facial-2-e1675291230935 Signature Facials

A Customizable Facial
Just for You

Relax, unwind, and treat your skin to some of the most beneficial skincare treatments in the beauty industry. At Naked SKN®, our goal is to provide you with a skincare regime that you’ll love— offering customizable signature facial treatments. Our professionals will perform a skin analysis to gain a better understanding of your current skin condition and concerns. From there, we’ll discuss your facial options and pamper and spoil your skin to reveal a fresh-faced complexion.

Discover healthy, ageless skin today, tomorrow, and beyond when you schedule a facial treatment with Naked SKN®.

Facial FAQs

Facials are not designed to be performed on a daily or weekly basis. Rather, at Naked SKN®, we recommend scheduling a facial once a month.

The type of facial you receive depends on your skin type and the results you wish to achieve. The professionals at Naked SKN® will perform a skin analysis and ask you a series of questions before suggesting a facial treatment that will provide you with optimal results.

You can benefit from immediate and visible results after just one facial treatment. However, those results will fade as your face begins to collect dirt and makeup from everyday activities. This is why we recommend a facial once a month for long-lasting results.

Our Signature Facial Options

The Calm Facial

It’s essential to maintain your body balance. This facial treatment targets active breakouts, redness, inflammation, and sensitivity that can accompany acne conditions. Depending on your current skin condition and the correction needed, accelerated products may be combined to fast-track your skin health goals.

Lira Clinical™ – 50 minutes


Awaken your Naked SKN® with the energy of pure oxygen to brighten, decongest, and clarify a tired complexion. Oxygen molecules are released into your skin to strengthen your cells and help to eliminate toxins, balancing the skin and restoring both tone and vitality. Perfect for the road warrior.

Lira Clinical™ – 50 minutes

Mojave Ballad Facial

This one is for your gentlemen. Renew and detoxify your skin with this powerful effective anti-aging man’s facial. Tailored for men, this extended facial massage and enzyme exfoliation is certain to meet the demands of every man’s Naked SKN®.

Lira Clinical™ – 50 minutes

The MYSTIQ Facial

This secret agent facial gives the skin the most efficient healing time, returning the skin’s bright, beautiful complexion. It revitalizes the level of young collagen and protects the skin from external invaders. Ideal for pre- and post-procedure to help increase the skin’s elasticity. Perfect for sensitive and sensitized skin.

Lira Clinical™ – 50 minutes

The Caviar Facial

This facial treatment helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production while encouraging healthy exfoliation to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even out skin tone, while firming, and toning the skin. Targeting the face, neck, and decollete, powerful additives and Lily plant stem cells pamper your Naked SKN® with luxury hydration and beautiful brightening botanicals.

Lira Clinical™ – 55 minutes

The Bacial

Get rid of the “back-ne” from your life with this exclusive back treatment. This skin treatment provides a deep cleanse which includes an enzymatic detox utilizing herbal steam and extractions from the shoulders and back. Combining acne-fighting agents that help to discourage blemishes from forming. Enjoy a glowing back and set of shoulders that you can confidently show off.

Lira Clinical™ – 50 minutes

Naked SKN Peel

An express exfoliating treatment that acts on the deepest layers of the skin as it purifies, leaving the skin glowing and hydrated.

Lira Clinical™ – 25 minutes

The Detox SKN Ritual

Inspires the skin to detox impurities and improve skin function. A gentle enzyme mask and advanced active ingredients effectively purify and refine the skin for a deeply cleansed and revitalized complexion. This detoxifying, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially congested skin.

Osmosis Beauty® – 75 Minutes

The Sensitive SKN Ritual

Inspires the skin to feel nurtured, and skin health restored. This treatment includes a cooling, relaxing facial massage with a cooling tool to reduce puffiness and soothe inflamed skin. This delicate, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially compromised, sensitive skin.

Osmosis Beauty® – 75 Minutes

The Brightening SKN Ritual

Inspires the skin to organically lighten, preserve natural beauty and improve elasticity, while a Vitamin A infusion improves collagen production. Enjoy an internal elixir to further assist with sun protection while allowing you to naturally experience bronzed skin. This illuminating, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially dull, sun-damaged skin.

Osmosis Beauty® – 60 Minutes

The Clarifying SKN Ritual

Inspires the skin to detox impurities and control blemishes. A thorough skin analysis utilizing an advanced skin mapping technique is performed to identify potential contributing factors. Light extractions are performed followed by a Vitamin A infusion results in a noticeably clearer complexion. This skin clarifying, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially acneic and problematic skin.

Osmosis Beauty® – 75 Minutes

The Ultimate Hydrating SKN Ritual

Inspires the skin to feel refreshed and hydrated while improving suppleness and skin health. Relax and unwind with a harmonized internal elixir while a Vitamin A infusion and micro-channeling device delivers essential nutrients deep into the skin’s surface. This lavish, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, aging skin.

Osmosis Beauty® – 75 Minutes

The Evergreen Signature SKN Ritual

Inspires natural beauty and holistic skin nourishment. This facial bliss leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and resilient. Reach a state of pure serenity with a harmonized internal elixir while the powerful energy of a Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage supports immune function, tension release and stress reduction. A Vitamin A infusion and micro-channeling device delivers advanced essential nutrients into the skin for a luminous, ageless glow. This decadent, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Osmosis Beauty® – 80 Minutes

Naked SKN® Aesthetics s-facial-3 Signature Facials

But First, Skincare from Naked SKN®

Experience a professional, comprehensive, and personalized facial tailored to your skin’s needs at Naked SKN®. Our aestheticians perform a skin analysis to determine which facial is right for you, and will walk you through how to continue pampering your skin post-treatment. From exfoliation techniques to hydrating serums, we’ll guide you down the path of beautiful, flawless skin—starting with a luxury facial treatment.

If you’re ready to take control of your skin and feel confident in your appearance, look no further than the Naked SKN® signature facial treatments. Schedule your consultation to get started today.

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