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Cyrolaser Hair Removal

The CryoLaser penetrates deep into the dermis and is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles. The laser energy is converted into thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue for effective hair removal. Cooling protects the epidermis, as a result of which we can deliver high-fluency laser beams to the skin.

How long does CryoLaser hair removal last?

Typically, 8-10 treatments are required to permanently reduce the number of hairs on the body or face.

Does CryoLaser hair removal work?

CryoLaser hair removal gives the same result as Laser Hair Removal – the difference being that it is virtually painless and works on almost all candidates. Since cooling is a mainstay in patient safety and helps achieving better results, it is mandatory in our practice to ensure the presence of a cooling device in the laser set-up to ensure comfort for all of our patients.

Is CryoLaser hair removal painful?

Most clients only experience a gentle warming sensation in the area being treated which is much less compared with other types of laser hair removal.

* For pricing, please call to inquire or book online.  Skin Analysis consultation is required.

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